Other Data

The Nonviolent Episodes & Violent Episodes of Resistance (NEVER) Dataset

Description: The NEVER dataset is a comprehensive alternative to the Nonviolent and Violent Campaigns and Outcomes (NAVCO) Dataset of Erica Chenoweth and her co-authors. Compared to data from NAVCO 2.0 or the Major Episodes of Contention (MEC) data, the RE-NAVCO data reduces the problem of selection on campaign success by including many more failed “maximalist” resistance episodes since 1945. I am currently researching and writing an Historical Dictionary of Modern Nonviolent Revolutions that will include a narrative of each nonviolent episode of resistance.

The Re-CINC Dataset

Description: This dataset is a Reconstruction and Extension of the Composite Index of National Capabilities (CINC) of the Correlates of War Project. In addition to reducing missing data issues, the data includes more reliable and updated estimates of total population, urban population, primary energy consumption, iron and steel production, military spending, and military personnel since 1816, along with new estimates of the size of armed services and “counter-balancing” since 1970.

The Re-IOScore Dataset, 1945-2017

Description: This dataset is a Reconstruction and Extension of Jon Pevehouse’s IOScore that relied on the Correlates of War Project’s IGO data (popularized in his 2005 book Democracy from Above). Extant COW data ends in 2014 and is missing many IGOs and country-year memberships. RE-CINC data corrects these issues and includes updated IGO-level, state-level, and dyadic membership data for all major regional IGOs. Coupled with democracy data, the data may be used to compute “spatial lags” or estimates of “world polity.”